Graffiti location scouting, Perth

I had some free time between assignments for the local newspaper today, so I did a little scouting trip to look at a graffiti spot.

What I saw was a pretty promising location, all it needs is some people and I will have a great shoot lined up.

Unfortunately finding said people might be challenging, so I’m asking for your help. If you know anyone that may or may not do graffiti in the Gosnells/Armadale area get in touch because I’m keen to do a photo essay and it goes without saying that, I will shoot this in a way that keeps everyone’s identity on the down low.

graffiti perth_-02-August 12, 2013-Copyright_Matt_Devlin_2013 Continue reading


A man and his Shed

Rob might be living the dream of a lot of men.

He is living in his shed, working when things pop up and regularly getting away in his 4×4 truck camping.

The shed may or may not be legal due to zoning laws, so let’s just leave it at he is absolutely not doing that and this is all just a big set build for a photo shoot.

Rob_Shed_-04-May 29, 2013-Copyright_Matt_Devlin_2013

I am very glad he went to all this trouble just for our shoot, more inside. Continue reading

Environmental Arborist Portrait, Perth

I’ve been working on my environmental portraits lately and had the idea to shoot an arborist.

The work they do is fascinating. I wanted it to be more than the standard photo of someone in a tree from the ground. I’ve never seen a good photo of an arborist, by good I mean good composition, studio lights and all shot from their point of view, in the tree.

There are good reasons for this of course, getting up a tree safely with a camera is one thing but to make a photo like this something special is about the planning process.

Scouting locations to find the right tree, the right time of day then getting the lights in the tree and having the time to get set up and actually shoot. The last part is what I saw as the key factor.

In researching photos taken of arborists most of what I saw was photos of them working and when they are working they are busy, busy means they don’t have two hours to sit in one spot and have their photo taken.

arborist environmental portrait [Perth]_-09-June 16, 2013-Copyright_Matt_Devlin_2013

This process takes a fair bit of planning and this particular set of photos took about two weeks to get our schedules to line up.

Six thirty Sunday morning was when our schedules did line up and I met Loz in a car park in Armadale before sunrise to set up.

arborist environmental portrait [Perth]_-01-June 16, 2013-Copyright_Matt_Devlin_2013 arborist environmental portrait [Perth]_-05-June 16, 2013-Copyright_Matt_Devlin_2013

It has been a while since I’ve done any sort of climbing and getting up the tree was harder than I was expecting but once I was up Loz practically ran up after me to the other branch, the rest is in the photos.

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Environmental Portrait, Perth

I dropped in on an arcade game repair shop on Royal Street, Kenwick in Perth’s southern suburbs on a whim last week. I had some free time between assignments and was hoping to set up a shoot but after introducing myself to Ivo he had no hesitation in letting me do it there and then, so I got some gear out of the car and made a start.

editorial-commercial-photographer-perth_-08-May 23, 2013-Copyright_Matt_Devlin_2013 Continue reading

Recycling Project, Perth

I mentioned a while ago that personal projects were going to be making a comeback and one is indeed, well under way.

Recycling is the broader umbrella I’ve chosen to work under and so far I’m looking into what it’s all about, finding my feet. Things like steel, cars, batteries, printer cartridges, plastic, e-waste and glass have all popped up on my radar. Discovering the stories to be told within one of those sub-topics, narrowing it down and focusing on a more specific area is how I’m going to create the photo essay.

One of my goals setting out on this project was to let the story present itself to me with a bit of serendipity, rather than going in with an agenda or angle already in my head, so much of the editorial work I do is assigned to me with the outcome predetermined, that working in the polar opposite way is making this fresh, exciting and is letting my vision as a photographer lead me through the discovery process.

The photo below is a sneak peek at the sort of thing I’ve found. Watch this space for a photo essay soon.

Perth Documentary and Editorial photographer

Editorial Portrait Photography, Perth

A quick look behind the scenes today. editorial portrait photographer Matt Devlin, Perth

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Ask Me Anything About Photography, by Zack Arias.

If you are going to read only one thing online today (after this, obviously), make it this post from Zack Arias’s new site Ask Me Anything About Photography.

He’s put very complex pricing structures in a real world nutshell and without this turning into an I love Zack post, I really do love the quality content he shares with the world, it just seems to be real world focused, well my world anyway.

He is not the only one out there giving people a look behind the curtain, not by any means.

Over at aphotoeditor (APE) they quite often have pricing posts and much more.

The thing is, I don’t see much of this work going around and find it hard to connect with it. Anyway, click the links and have a quick read it’s educating stuff.

Cheers, Matt

Awakening from Hibernation

Personal work has all but stopped in the last six months, not because I wanted to stop shooting or because the ideas stopped flowing by any means, it’s just that life has been in the way (my last post has a clue or two in it).

I’ve just found that between the editorial and commercial work I’ve been shooting, mixed with spending enough time at home so everyone recognises my face and we can call ourselves a happy family, I’ve just not had heaps of spare time to shoot much personal work.

Anyway, I’ve noticed lately the voice in my head is saying, you know this would be a really cool location to shoot, and the voice is getting louder and more frequent, to the point where it is getting hard to ignore it.

So, no more fighting the voice, personal shoots are back on the agenda.

Bodee’s Birth Photography, Perth

At 10.38am on the 5th of January 2012, Bodee Devlin entered the world.

While I have a huge amount I want to write, today the pictures do the talking.

Birth Photography Perth, editorial photographyBirth Photography Perth, editorial photographyBirth Photography Perth, editorial photographymore after the jump Continue reading

Alternative Portrait, Perth

The idea is simple, take a portrait of Katy and her horse Missy.

Alternative Portrait, Perth

I had two ideas: one with old wooden fences and the other on a bush track. Katy had moved close to some bushland so we took that option. Continue reading

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